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Earl Grey

Black tea blend with subtle flavors of bergamot, apricot, and cream. Try this very mellow Earl Grey with the favorite novel you know practically by heart.  Certified organic.

English Breakfast

A classic blend of full-bodied black teas. Excellent with cream and sugar, it balances out your morning doomscrolling. Better with romantic poetry, though. Certified organic.


Also lovely with cream and sugar, this black tea blend is suffused with the heady aroma of vanilla. 




A classic blend of green teas from the Kagoshima Prefecture of Japan and the Jiangxi Province of China, it has a classic vegetal and grassy flavor. Pairs well with the Ancient Wisdom for Modern Readers series.  Certified organic.


Green tea from the Jiangxi province of China, scented with jasmine flowers picked at midnight in May. A lovely accompaniment to your favorite romance novel.

Certified organic.



Iron Goddess of Mercy

A light, semi-oxidized tea with hints of orchid, from the Fujian Province of China. We think this tea pairs especially well with Tamsyn Muir’s Gideon the Ninth, one of our customers’ favorite novels.

Certified organic.


A smooth, slightly sweet, semi-oxidized tea from the Taoyuan county of Taiwan. We like this one with historical non-fiction, such as The World of a TIny Insect by Zhang Daye.



Three Year Pu-erh

A fermented tea from Yunnan Province, China, aged for three years. Has earthy overtones, reminiscent of wild mushrooms. Pairs well with Long Litt Woon’s The Way Through the Forest.

Mandarin Pu-erh

Fermented tea from Yunnan Province, China, aged inside a mandarin orange skin. To us, this pu-erh is like drinking experimental fiction. Were you the kid off in the corner snort-laughing at László Krasznahorkai’s Sátántangó? You might like this one.



Earl Grey

Black tea blend with flavors of bergamot, apricot, and cream. Decaffeinated using carbon dioxide.


Single estate ceylon black tea from the Dimbula region of Sri Lanka. Decaffeinated using carbon dioxide.


A long-leafed green tea from the Hunan Province of China. Decaffeinated using carbon dioxide.



Golden Glow

Turmeric and ginger root infusion with a hit of pineapple sweetness. Also lovely with cream.

Herbs of Provence

A rooibos-based infusion with a bouquet of lavender, rose, and dark summer berries.

24 oz pot: $4        To-go (20 oz): $3